About Us

Founded in 2006, Turner Development and Properties was the creation of Scott and Missy Turner of Hahira, GA.

The company is the result of Scott's lifelong love affair with building, beginning with his first projects at 12 years old. At 13 he was building and selling playhouses to other kids (and their parents) for extra money. Since that time his dream was to build and develop properties so when the opportunity came to strike out and start his own company he jumped at the chance.

He started out by building spec homes in and around the Valdosta area, but soon worked his way into rental properties by acquiring townhomes and renovating them.

The most recent addition to his complement of business ventures is assisting people with their purchase of foreclosed or bank owned properties. He helps many people find more house than they could have otherwise afforded by doing the legwork for them at auctions and through other avenues.

Scott and Missy invite you to feel at home in a home rented, renovated or built by Turner Development and Properties.